Mandatory Inspections


Important Documents (PDFs)

The purpose of communicating some of the requirements of the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code (USBC) as well as some of the policies of this office, we have prepared this collection of information to be given out to you with your permit. If there are any portions which you do not fully understand, please call or come by our office. We hope this information will prove beneficial to you as your project develops toward completion.

The USBC sets out minimum inspections, which must be performed by this office. These inspections are included in the list of MANDATORY INSPECTIONS below. Generally, these are the only inspections required for single-family dwellings, however, depending on the scope of work, additional inspections may be needed.

The USBC specifies that it is the responsibility of the permit holder to assure that all required inspections are performed. All ladders, scaffolds and test equipment required to complete the inspection must be provided by the person requesting the inspection.

  • If a Land Disturbing Permit (or Agreement in lieu of a plan) has been issued, construction road stabilization and erosion control perimeter measures must be installed and written verification from the responsible land disturber received prior to any inspections. Final grading must be achieved, seeding & stabilization established before occupancy approval.
  • Post the Permit Card in a clearly visible location prior to requesting the first inspection.
  • Final inspections must be requested, performed, and approved and a Certificate of Occupancy issued prior to occupying any part of a structure.
  • No work is to be covered until an inspection has been performed and approved.
  • Under normal conditions, inspections will be conducted within two working days of the time of the request.