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  • Provide comprehensive lists for all job seekers, partner agencies and businesses at the local level to support the workforce needs in the Piedmont Region. This guide lists the services needed for job seekers to recover from economic insecurity and establish gainful employment.
  • Provide job seekers with all encompassing supportive services in their respective jurisdiction.
  • Provide tools and resources to prepare for reentry to the workforce.
  • Provide resources relative to pre-employment training or career change.
  • Provide connection to local employment opportunities.
  • Provide solutions that impact our Region.

Since the inception of the pandemic, business, government, and education leaders have been challenged to respond to the crisis quickly and rethink workforce strategies in real time. Significantly, their priority has been to be responsive to the health and safety of essential service workers and to launch virtual access to education and teleworking options. Creating a new workforce model will help position leaders and trainers in months to come to think strategically and look through an innovative lens. While forecasters have expected the pandemic to be followed by a period of strong growth as businesses reopen and Americans resume normalcy, Economists have begun to talk of something stronger: a supercharged rebound that brings down unemployment, drives up wages, and may foster years of stronger growth.

Below are some key tenets for business, education, and government Leaders to consider:

  • Workforce requirement composition and size of the workforce
  • Work environment –  what skills are needed?
  • Building trust employee relationship and new employer
  • Building confidence foster employee safety
  • Supports when working in a remote workplace, what supports are available?
  • Preparedness with a remote workforce, how will organizations increase cyber risk?
  • Commitment how will organizations commit to job security, performance and compensations over the next few years?

According to Deloitte, workforce related strategies in the recovery are best orchestrated through five critical domains: Reflect, Recommit, Reengage, Rethink, and Reboot. Integrating these domains helps organizations bridge response to the new post pandemic normal.

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