Broadband Authority


Gary Strong– Chair
Jesse Rutherford – Vice Chair
Amanda Spivey – Secretary
Linda Staton – Treasurer


Larry Saunders – South District
Jesse Rutherford – East District
Gary W. Strong – Central District
Thomas Harvey – North District
Thomas Bruguiere, Jr. – West District

The Nelson County Broadband Authority’s network is beginning to serve local residents and businesses in Nelson County.
39 miles of a Middle Mile Network combine Broadband Fiber Optic and Wireless Services – along Routes 151, 6 and 29 (north to south).
4 Towers located at Afton, Colleen, Lovingston and Massies Mill extend Wireless Service to more remote areas.


The second Tuesday at 1pm: January, June and December (prior to the Board of Supervisors meeting at 2pm)