Tax Auctions

A tax auction is a sale, conducted by a governmental agency, of tax liens for delinquent taxes on real estate. Information on tax auctions will be posted as it becomes available.

Notice of Judicial Sale for Delinquent Taxes – July 28, 2023


Pursuant to Decrees entered in the Circuit Court of Nelson County, Virginia, the undersigned Robert C. Goad III, Special Commissioner of said Court, will offer for sale pursuant to Section 58.1-3965 et seq. of the Code of Virginia, at public auction in the Nelson County General District Court Courtroom of the Courthouse of Nelson County, 84 Courthouse Square, Lovingston, Virginia 22949, on:

JULY 28, 2023 at  10:00 a.m.

 the following described properties located in Nelson County for payment of delinquent real estate taxes:

PARCEL 1: Tax Map Number 11I-K-28: Located in the Wintergreen Magisterial District of Nelson County, Virginia known as Lot 28, Block K, Valley Subdivision, Section 1-D, located on or near Stone Chimneys Road; last owner of record Jonathan L. Hawkins and Justin Hawkins.

Circuit Court File No.: CL22000029-00

PARCEL 2: Tax Map Number 11Z1-A-40: Located in the Wintergreen Magisterial District of Nelson County, Virginia known as Lot 40 Chestnut Springs Section, Mountain Subdivision 16-A; last owner of record James G. Holland, Jr. and Stacy Keefer.

Circuit Court File No.: CL22000030-00

PARCEL 3: Tax Map Number 97-A-25: Located in the Lovingston Magisterial District of Nelson County, Virginia containing seven (7) acres, more or less, on or near Richmond Highway; last owner of record George Lucas.

Circuit Court File No.: CL22000089-00

PARCEL 4: Tax Map Number 71-A-13: Located in the Schuyler Magisterial District of Nelson County, Virginia containing 5.326 acres, more or less; last owner of record Roy Nash, Sr.

Circuit Court File No.: CL22000440-00

PARCEL 5: Tax Map Number 62-A-90ALocated in the Schuyler Magisterial District of Nelson County, Virginia containing 5.788 acres, more or less, located on or near State Route 645 and 0.1 mile from State Route 722; last owner of record Joan S. Palmer.

Circuit Court File No.: CL22000037-00

PARCEL 6: Tax Map Number 77A-3-2:  Located in the Lovingston Magisterial District of Nelson County, Virginia designated as Lot 2, near Arrington, at Lake Nelson; last owner of record Jean C. Swanson.

Circuit Court File No.: CL22000441-00

PARCEL 7: Tax Map Number 3A2-1-F3: Located in the Rockfish Magisterial District of Nelson County, Virginia designated as Site 3, in Block F on a Plan of a Portion of the Property of Swannanoa Estates, Inc.; last owner of record Diane Tarangelo.

Circuit Court File No.: CL22000370-00

PLACE OF SALE:  Nelson County Circuit Court Courtroom, Courthouse of Nelson County, 84 Courthouse Square, Lovingston, Virginia 22949.

TERMS OF SALE:  Parcels to be sold are identified above by name(s) of last owner(s) of record, Nelson County Tax Map Number, Circuit Court File Number, and a brief description.

These proceedings are for the sale of real property for payment of delinquent taxes under the provisions of Section 58.1-3965, et seq. of the Code of Virginia and are judicial sales under Court Order. 

Properties are offered for sale AS-IS, WHERE-IS, IF-IS, with all faults, and with no representations or warranties, expressed or implied, of any kind, in particular with respect to zoning, physical condition, topography, soil type percolation or content, availability of public utilities or availability of potable water.  The Special Commissioner does not warrant the location, condition or suitability of the property for any particular purpose.  The Special Commissioner makes no representations or guarantees as to the accuracy or completeness of the descriptions of the parcels listed above, information being only from land records.  All information provided is not guaranteed for either its completeness or accuracy.

The real estate shall be sold in gross and not by the acre.  The conveyance will be subject to possible rights of parties in possession.

Title research and opinions concerning any subject property are at the option and expense of the purchaser and cannot be provided by the Special Commissioner.  Purchaser shall also be responsible for title insurance, survey, or any other costs of purchase and transfer.

The risk of loss from fire, casualty, or otherwise, and all liabilities of ownership of the property pass to Purchaser upon the conclusion of the sale.

Announcements made the day of sale take precedence over any prior written or verbal terms of sale.

Special Commissioner reserves the right to withdraw from the sale any property listed and reserves the right to reject any bid declaring “No Sale” after the last bid received on each parcel.

A bidder’s deposit of ten percent (10%) of the purchase price, in cash or certified funds made payable to “Robert C. Goad III, Special Commissioner”, is required as to each parcel, and the balance of the purchase price due within thirty (30) days of approval of sale by the Nelson County Circuit Court.  The sale of each parcel is subject to the approval and confirmation of the Nelson County Circuit Court.  TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE IN SETTLING THIS TRANSACTION.

For court-approved sales, the properties will be conveyed by Special Commissioner’s Deed with Special Warranty of Title, subject to subdivision restrictions, utility easements, current taxes and zoning ordinances.  All recording costs, including grantor’s tax, will be at the expense of the purchaser.

The owner of any property listed above may redeem it at any time before the date of the sale by paying all accumulated taxes, with penalties and interest, the attorney’s fees and costs thereon, including the cost of publication hereunder.

Redemption of a property by a non-owner does NOT convey title to the property to the Redeemer, nor does such redemption alter the status of title to the subject property.  Redemption merely prevents the sale of a property.


ROBERT C. GOAD III, Special Commissioner


Robert C. Goad III, Esquire


330 S. Main Street

Post Office Box 428

Amherst, Virginia 24521

(434) 946-5161

(434) 946-0107 fax

VSB# 83186

I, Lisa D. Bryant, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Nelson County, Virginia, certify that the Decrees of Sale in the above-referenced civil actions direct that all payments by purchasers be made to the credit of Robert C. Goad III, Special Commissioner, and that, pursuant to Section 8.01-99 of the Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, bond is required and has been posted by the Special Commissioner of Sale.


Lisa D. Bryant, Clerk

Nelson County Circuit Court