Woodson’s Mill

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3211 Lowesville Road
Roseland, VA 22967
Charlie Wade
Aaron Grigsby

Products on site to purchase during our the Mill Race Markets.  Market dates are posted on the website.  Woodson’s Mill is located just across the Piney River from Lowesville, Virginia. The building is a historic landmark, but Woodson’s Mill is still a busy place. We produce all-natural flours and meals in small batches, by hand, from the best local ingredients available. Our grains are stone-ground slowly to preserve the oils, moisture content, nutrients, and flavor that are often lost in high-speed milling. We do not add preservatives of any kind. And, all the power for grinding comes from the Piney River’s water, which runs the Mill’s overshot wheel and our hand-dressed millstones, making the entire process renewable and sustainable.

Products available at our website, at the Nelson Farmers Market, and many other grocery and retail locations.Woodsons Mill in spring image

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