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Silverback Distillery

Physical Address
9374 Rockfish Valley Highway
Afton, VA 22920

Silverback distillery 1 imageSilverback Distillery produces ultra premium vodka, gin, whiskey and bourbon. Surrounded by Mountains and bracketed by the Rockfish River, Silverback Distillery produces distinct and flavorful spirits through a perfect mix of Virginia grains, pure water and American craftsmanship. Open 4 Days/week (closed Tues thru Thurs. .) Check website for hours.  Pet-friendly.

Produce Responsibly. Drink Responsibly. Dispose Responsibly ™

At Silverback Distillery, we believe in a mission every bit as important as producing the best quality American Bourbon, Whiskey, Gin and Vodka; we strive to be an industry leader in “green” distilling and production methodologies through minimizing energy usage and environmental impact. In leveraging innovative engineering and “out of the nest” thinking, Silverback Distillery has created a production process that uses Geothermal technologies for “chilling water” and “heating water” during the distillation process. We very well could be the first distillery in the worldwide jungle to use geothermal technologies for spirits production. A dedicated heat exchanger reduces energy costs by saving the heated water from geothermal chilling processes in order to cook our proprietary whiskey mash (and saves on water usage). This “Chill to Spill” system uses one-fifth (1/5) the electricity required for electric and propane conventional chilling methods. We further reduce dependence on fossil fuels by using multiple-staged electric boilers rated as “98% efficient”. Multiple-stage boilers are programmed to use only the “exact energy needed” for required steam pressure. Our lighting and heat systems have been optimized for efficiency. Silverback Distillery is solar ready too…which, when installed, will help heat the vast amount of water needed for distillation while providing interior and exterior lighting.

Silverback is a leader in waste management. In addition to our comprehensive recycling program, Silverback Spirits has invested in controlling all forms of waste. We receive our bold and beautiful glassware in cardboard cases that are preprinted for immediate shipping. BERINGEI, STRANGE MONKEY and BLACKBACK bottles are received and then shipped to distribution locations in the same boxes and same pallets. Raw materials will be received in reusable totes and we have a comprehensive plan to minimize water waste. Our copious amount of spent mash will be used by local farmers for animal feed, which reduces our waste and gives livestock a happy stomach. Our methodology combines the production of a superior spirit with responsible environmental processes.


CEO, Christine Riggleman
Operations Manager, Blake Rhodes
SILVERBACK, Denver Riggleman, III


Open Daily

Additional Information

The first products to be released are a crisp and aggressive Vodka, a flavorful Gin and bold White Whiskey that when consumed results in chest thumping and general euphoria.

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