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Atlantic Coast Pipeline

At the public hearing on December 3rd, 2018  the BZA denied the following variance applications submitted by the Atlantic Coast Pipeline: #2018-07, #2018-08, #2018-09 and #2018-10.

BZA denial 2018-12-04


Packet for 12/3/2018 – Updated to correct maps for Variance 2018-08.

BZA Packet_2018-12-03


ACP’s presentation from 12/3/2018 meeting

ACP Presentation 12-3-2018


Public Hearing Guidelines

A Public Hearing will be held December 3rd in the auditorium at Nelson County Middle School. Those that wish to speak will be required to sign-in before the meeting.

Nelson County BZA Appeals Public Hearing Guidelines adopted 1.16.2018

BZA legal notice-November 15th and 22nd 2018


Items submitted by the public

If you would like to submit information to the BZA please submit it through this Dropbox link or email

To submit through Dropbox please click on the above link. You will then be prompted to submit a file from your computer or from your personal dropbox files.

Items submitted since October, 2018:


ltr Ann Neil Cosby 10.12.18
Ltr Vicki Wheaton 11.2.18
Ltr David Hight 11.29.18
Ltr Carlton Ballowe 11.29.18
Ltr Suzanne Latchford 11.29.18
Ltr Vicki Wheaton 12.2.18
Ltr Vicki Wheaton 12.2.18 (2)
Ltr Vicki Wheaton 12.2.18 (3)
Ltr Vicki Wheaton 12.2.18 (4)
Ltr Daniel Corbin 12.2.18


Older items:

DCR Letter Regarding ACP
Agelasto Email 1-18-2018
Averitt Variance Letter
Ltr to Nelson County Board of Zoning Appeals
Wheaton 1-17-2018 email
Wheaton Email 1-18-2018
Wheaton Email 1-18-2018 (2)
Wheaton Email 1-18-2018 (3)
Wheaton Email 1-18-2018 (4)
Wheaton Email 1-19-2018
Wheaton Email 1-19-2018 (2)
Wheaton 1-24-2018 email
Wheaton Email 1-31-2018
Wheaton Email 2-1-2018
BZA Variance Letter_Maki 1-18
Fuhrman Email 2-6-2018
Rhames Variance Letter
Sonne Email 2-5-2018

Atlantic Coast Pipeline Application

Nelson County Floodplain Cover Letter_signed 1-16-2018
Site Plan REV1A condensed
Attachment 2 SOJ26Oct2017
Attachment 3 REV1A
Attachment 4 REV1A
VA_NE_Davis Creek_2017.03.20
VA_NE_Dutch Creek_2017.03.20
VA_NE_Falls Run_2017.03.20
VA_NE_James River_2017.03.20
VA_NE_Muddy Creek_2017.03.20
VA_NE_South Fork Rockfish River 1_2017.03.23
VA_NE_South Fork Rockfish River 2_2017.03.23
VA_NE_South Fork Rockfish River AR_2017.03.23
VA_NE_Spruce Creek_2017.06.21
VA_NE_UNT of Rockfish River_2_2017.03.20
VA_NE_UNT Rockfish River_1_2017.03.20

ACP Request for Deferral of Variance Request

BZA dismissal and deferral

Atlantic Coast Pipeline Nationwide 12 Permit 


BZA 2/12/2018 Packet

BZA Packet_2018-2-12

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