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Financial Information and Documents

Fiscal Year 2021/2022 Budget 

Budget Calendar:

Next Work Session: Thursday, April 1, 2021 at 1pm (Old Board of Supervisors Room, Courthouse)

Tentative Public hearing: May 4, 2021

Tentative Budget Adoption and Appropriation: May 11, 2021

Budget Introduction – March 19, 2021 Continued BOS Meeting at 1pm. Budget Work Session Schedule TBD

FY22 General Fund Synopsis-Introduced Budget 3-19-21

FY22 Introduced Budget Executive Summary 3-19-21

FY22 Introduced Budget Overview 3-19-21

3-16-21 Revenue Detail Showing % and $ Change

3-16-21 Expenditure Detail  Showing % and $ Change

3-16-21 Revenues Detail

3-16-21 Expenditure Detail

FY 2021/2022 Budget Preparation-Agency Requests     Due December 18, 2020

*FY22 Agency Request Instruction Memo: FY22 Agency Budget Overview and Instructions

*FY22 Agency Request Forms (Excel Document): FY22 Agency Budget Forms(AC-1PB1-4PS1TB1-2)

*Currently funded agencies will receive these forms via the email address on file with the County’s Finance Department

Public Hearing on Amendment to FY21 Adopted Budget: September 8, 2020 at 7:00 PM

Public Hearing Notice-FY21 Budget Amendment

FY21 Budget: Adopted June 18, 2020

FY21 R2020-23 Adoption Resolution 6-18-20

FY21 R2020-24 Appropriation Resolution 6-18-20

General Fund

FY21 Adopted General Fund Revenue and Expenditure Synopsis

Other Fund Budgets:

FY21 Adopted Other Fund Budgets Revenue and Expenditure Synopsis

Broadband Fund

Capital Fund

Debt Service Fund

Piney River Water-Sewer Fund

School Cafeteria Fund

School Textbook Fund

Virginia Public Assistance/Department of Social Services Fund

FY21 School Fund Will Be Posted When Available

FY21 Budget: Continued Meeting at 10am June 18, 2020

  • Proposed FY21 Budget Adoption and Appropriation

FY21 Budget: Public Hearing 7pm June 9, 2020

FY21 Proposed Budget Presentation Public Hearing 6-9-20

FY21 Proposed Budget Presentation Public Hearing 6-9-20-With Notes

Public Hearing Public Notice (Ad) for Budget FY21

Proposed General Fund Budget Information:

FY21 Proposed General Fund Budget Overview PH 6-9-20

FY21 Proposed General Fund Revenue and Expenditure Synopsis -PH 6-9-20

FY21 Proposed General Fund Revenue Detail 5-19-20

FY21 Proposed General Fund Expenditure Detail 5-19-20

Proposed Other Fund Budget Information:

FY21 Proposed Other Fund Budget Overview- PH 6-9-20

FY21 Proposed Other Fund Budget Synopses-PH 6-9-20


FY21 Budget: Introduced March 5, 2020

Next Scheduled Budget Work sessions:

Tuesday, March 10, 2020 Regular Board of Supervisors Meeting- TIME PERMITTING

Thursday,  March 12, 2020 at 2pm,  Courthouse, Lovingston

FY21 Proposed Budget Calendar 

These are proposed dates and are subject to change; please check this page and the County Calendar for scheduled meeting dates.

FY21 Introduced Budget as of March 5, 2020

FY21 Budget Overview

FY21 General Fund Expenditure & Revenue Synopsis as Proposed

FY21 Budget Expenditure Report Detail 2-28-20

FY21 Budget Revenue Report Detail 2-28-20

FY20 Budget Work Session Minutes:


Adopted Budget Documents

FY20 Adopted Budget All Funds

FY19 All Funds Adopted Budget

FY19 Approved NCBA Budget
FY18 All Funds Adopted Budget
FY18 Approved NCBA Budget
FY17 All Funds Adopted Budget
FY17 Approved NCBA Budget
FY16 All Funds
FY16 Approved Nelson Co Broadband Authority Budget
FY15 All Funds
FY14 All Funds
FY13 General Fund
FY13 Other Funds
FY12 All Funds

Financial Statements (Audit Reports)






Any questions about these documents may be directed to Candy McGarry at cmcgarry@nelsoncounty.org.

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