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CVEC County Partners,


As our restoration efforts continue, I wanted you to be aware that we be hosting a virtual Town Hall today, at 4:00pm,  for members who are still without power. There will be options for citizens to call in via phone or join via Zoom Link.


In addition, I wanted to share with you a valuable tool and resource for tracking overall restoration efforts in your county- including all utilities in the county, not just CVEC. https://poweroutage.us/area/state/virginia Simply follow this hyperlink and a map of Virginia will appear- once you reach this screen, click on your county and statistics for each utility will become available.


We remain committed to working as quickly and safely as possible until every meter is turning. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any other questions.


As always, I remain as a resource to you,


Galen Creekmore


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Outage Update for All Members and Town Hall Invitation for Members Without Power

The winter storm that hit our service territory on Monday dropped several inches of heavy, wet snow and wreaked havoc on our electric system. At the peak of the storm more than 28,000 accounts were out of service of the total of 38,000 accounts served by CVEC and, to date, we have restored 72% of those accounts. By Monday night we had the number of meters affected down to 20,000. Tuesday, we brought that number further down to about 13,500. Once substations were re-energized by Dominion and Appalachian Power, we were able to gain more ground and ended Wednesday evening with about 7,500 accounts without power. We gained some outages overnight Wednesday due to more trees breaking under the weight of the frozen snow and we started Thursday morning with about 8,300 members out and are working away at reducing that number before the next storm hits this evening.

Three new crews arrived yesterday from Tideland EMC in North Carolina and are joining our other mutual aid crews from Holston Electric Cooperative in Tennessee, and Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative and Prince George Electric Cooperative in Virginia. In addition, our contract crews from Primoris and Volt and right-of-way crews Ferguson and Xylem have been working with us since the storm hit.
Scouting on the system is complete, allowing us to reduce the size of the crews to address smaller outages across the system. Crews will work on over 450 outage locations today and into the weekend.

Yesterday’s survey uncovered a large number of broken poles, bringing the total to 50. Crews will work to replace poles today and into the weekend, as it is a very laborious task. The forecast for 1-3″ of snow in our area may slow our efforts, but we will not stop work. Members who are without power should plan for the restoration effort to continue through the weekend.

If you are still awaiting power restoration, we invite you to join us for a town hall this afternoon, Thursday, January 6, at 4pm. At this time, we are reserving space at the town hall for members who do not have power so that we can address their questions. The purpose of the town hall is to provide an update on the current restoration efforts. There will be an option to join via computer for members who may be sheltered at a location that has power and internet, as well as a phone option for members who are sheltering in place. If you are joining by phone and have questions for us to address, please email them to comm@mycvec.com.

To join the meeting via computer, click here: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85484454087

To join the meeting via phone, dial (Toll Free) 888-475-4499 or 877-853-5257 (Webinar ID: 854 8445 4087).

We will continue to work each day to get as many services restored as possible. We understand the impact of not having electric service, especially in the present weather conditions. Many of our employees do not have electric service restored yet at their homes, so we empathize with those who are waiting for the lights to come on. Please take the necessary measures to stay safe and we will keep working until every account is back online.

Central Virginia Electric Cooperative





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