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Reopening of County Departments to the Public – May 3, 2021


Notice is hereby given of the reopening of Nelson County departments to the public, effective on May 3, 2021. The public’s direct access into County departments does not include the County’s elected Constitutional Offices, which are responsible for decisions pertaining to their respective offices.

As an initial safety measure, the public is encouraged, prior to a planned visit to a County department, to access the Nelson County website at https://www.nelsoncounty-va.gov/, which provides significant information on Nelson County, including contact information to County departments (telephone, email addresses, etc.), online forms, the County Code of Ordinances, etc. Use of the County’s website may preclude an in person visit to a County department, which at present is a real deterrent to the possible spread of the Covid-19 virus.

If, however, an in person visit to a County department is necessary, please be advised of the following:

1. Appointment: Please schedule, if possible, an appointment in advance of an in person visit to a County department. As noted above, contact information for County departments is listed on the Nelson County website. An appointment will enable County staff to plan for your visit, including ensuring there is a limited number of individuals within the department’s office when you arrive for your appointment.

2. Plan Your Visit: Through use of the County’s website or by a telephone call or email message to County departments prior to an in person visit, you may be able to minimize the amount of time required for an in person appointment (scheduled or unscheduled) to a County department.

3. Number of Visitors: Please limit your appointment (scheduled or unscheduled) to as few persons as possible.

4. Arrival: If possible, when you arrive at a County department facility, other than the Courthouse, please remain in your vehicle and call the department you are visiting to notify them that you here for an appointment (scheduled or unscheduled). This will assist County staff to be better prepared to meet with you. Upon entering the County Courthouse, you will be screened by security personnel and, if necessary, provided a mask to wear. Security personnel will also assist with directing you to the County office that you need to meet with. At County department locations other than the Courthouse, you may also be screened into the building by County staff, who may ask to take your temperature and questions on your health.

5. Restrooms: Unless the County department the public is accessing has public restroom facilities, such as located in the County Courthouse, the public will not be allowed to use the restroom facilities that are reserved for the use of County staff. Please plan accordingly.

6. Masks and Social Distancing: The wearing of protective facial coverings (masks) and social distancing (maintaining at least six feet separation) will be required of the public when interacting in person with County staff. Refusal to wear a mask will result in the visitor being asked to leave the department and make other arrangements with County staff to provide for the assistance that necessitated the in person visit to the County department.

Thank you: All of the above measures are to protect both County staff and you from the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Whenever federal and state regulations and safety directives are amended to lessen the precautions against the virus so too will Nelson County. County staff are here to serve you and we want to do so effectively and safely. The County very much appreciates the public’s assistance and cooperation, which will help greatly in deterring the potential spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Nelson County Board of Supervisors and County Staff

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