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Albemarle County Office Bldg

Albemarle County Office Bldg
McIntire Road, Room 235, Charlottesville, VA

Upcoming Events At This Venue

December 2, 2014

WordPress is the world’s most popular Content Management System, and it’s used for websites like Time Magazine and the Smithsonian Institution. Learn how to install, customize and manage a WordPress site. Pick a theme, install plug-ins, use widgets, upload photos, write blogs posts and create web pages so you can sell your wares or share your ideas. The SCORE WordPress Workshop features lots of hands-on practice, so bring your laptop. You will create a real website during class! A wireless internet connection will be available, and you must be able to connect your laptop to the internet in order to create your website.

The Workshop is being taught by Joe Nasevich, 20 year expert in writing military and commecial software and owner and President of Wispering Woods Software and Wispering Woods Web Design in Charlottesville. He is an expert in designing and developing custom software as well as website design and SEO.

Held at the Albemarle County Office Building, the workshop is scheduled for Tuesday , December 2 from 5:30 to 8:30 PM. Space it limited so sign up early. The cost is $25 and there is free parking behind the office building.

Get more information and Register at: workshop@scorevolunteer.org or call 434-295-6712