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Coronavirus Updates

Coronavirus Updates

The Centers for Disease Control and the Virginia Department of Health are the best sources of information about COVID-19, or coronavirus.

Any area resident or business may contact the Thomas Jefferson Health District (local district of the Virginia Department of Health) for more information or to answer specific questions at 434-972-6217.


4/1/2020:  OSHA3990+(1)

4/1/2020:  Coronavirus Guidelines for America

3/31/2020:  31+March+2020+VEST+Situation+Report_opt

3/31/2020:  TJHD Reports First Fatality Associated with COVID-19_3.31.20

3/31/2020:  Public Affairs Update

3/31/2020:  Dept. of Education

3/30/2020:  EO-55-Temporary-Stay-at-Home-Order-Due-to-Novel-Coronavirus-(COVID-19)

3/30/2020:  Superintendent of Public Instruction Update

3/30/2020:  Dept. of Health Update 3-30-2020

3/30/2020:  COVID-19 Judicial Emergency Extension from SCVA & Judge Watson’s Order

3/30/2020:  Dept. of Labor Update

3/29/2020:  FEMA_COVID_Advsiory_3.29.20

3/27/2020:  VDEM+Private+Sector+Call+Notes+3-25-2020

3/27/2020:  NACo Legislative Brief on Federal COVID-19 Action

3/27/2020:  From the Office of Equity and Community Engagement at the VDOE

3/27/2020:  SickLeave_Messages_3.26.20

3/27/2020:  VDACS+covid-guidance-farmers-markets

3/27/2020:  REAL ID Enforcement Deadline Update

3/27/2020:  CARES Act Provisions for Hospitality Businesses

3/27/2020: Nelson County Resolution Confirming Declaration of Local Emergency

3/27/2020:  Nelson County Signed Emergency Ordinance 2020-01

3/26/2020:  Frequently-Asked-Questions-Regarding-EO-53

3/26/2020:  03-18-2020-dpor-covid-19_credential-expiration-waiver

3/26/2020:  scc-essential-service-declaration+-+telecommunications

3/26/2020:  scc-essential-service-declaration+-+elec+gas+water+sewer

3/26/2020:  Order-of-Public-Health-Emergency-Two+-+Elective+Surgeries+03252020

3/25/2020:  CDC Self Checker

3/25/2020:  Guidance on Visiting National Parks and Outdoor Recreational Spaces

3/24/2020:  How to Apply for Virginia Unemployment Benefits

3/23/2020: Update from University of Virginia Hospital

3/23/2020: EO-53-Temporary-Restrictions-Due-To-Novel-Coronavirus-(COVID-19)

3/23/2020:  Registrar Office Notice

3/23/2020:  School Board  Office Closing Notice

3/23/2020: Governor’s Release Closes K-12 Schools and Non-Essential Businesses

3/23/2020:  Workforce and Unemployment Updates 3-19-20 (1)

3/20/2020:  Governor’s Press Release

3/19/2020:  Dept. of Emergency Management update

3:19/2020:  TJHD Announces Additional Cases of COVID19_PR 3.19.20

3/19/2020:  Nelson County press release

3/19/2020:  Nelson County Emergency Declaration

3/18/2020:  Central Virginia Electric Cooperative update

3/17/2020:  Judicial Emergency Response to COVID-19

3/16/2020: TJHD Confirms First Positive COVID19_PR 3.16.20

3/13/2020:  Nelson County Circuit Court Public Notice – COVID-19

3/13/2020:  Public Notice – Guidance on COVID-19 Virus

3/13/2020:  Governor Orders K12 Schools to Close for a Minimum of Two Weeks

3/12/2020: Governor’s Press Release

3/12/2020:  Community Mitigation Guidelines from the CDC

3/12/2020:  Virginia Department of Health Update

3/12/2020: Covid-19-Scenarios-3-6-2020

3/11/2020: Referral source letter LB2

3/9/2020: 2020 March 9 COVID-19 Response SitRep #16

3/8/2020: Press Release

3/6/2020: 3.6.20 TJHD Coronavirus Letter to Community Partners

3/6/2020: COVID-19 FAQ_3.6.2020

3/6/2020:  COVID-19-Partner-Briefing_3-6-20_oep

3/1/2020:  Coronavirus Update 030120

2/27/2020: TJHD Coronavirus Letter to Community Partners

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