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Self Help – Stress Management Series of Classes

Instructor: Roxanne Louise, Hypnotherapist (winner of 5 hypnosis awards), Reiki Master, Dowser, & Author of several books on hypnosis, Reiki, dowsing and self help. Don’t suffer needlessly! Learn and apply techniques for relief and even complete resolution on your own long-standing issues. These classes are designed to empower you for a lifetime! Most classes include handouts. For more information and to register for any of these classes call  Roxanne at 434-263-4337.

Understanding Illness from the Stress Connection
Monday, August 18 6:30-8:00   Free
Illness can be understood as a bounced energy check. In other words, more energy is being demanded of you than you have coming in to cover. So balancing the energy account to make healing possible means finding ways to get more energy coming in, and stop the leakage outward. A stressor is anything that demands energy. Even happy events can be stressful.



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Contact: Roxanne Louise
Phone: 434-263-4337
Location: Nelson Center
Address: 8445 Thomas Nelson Hwy Lovingston
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