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Self Help – Stress Management Series of Classes

Instructor: Roxanne Louise, Hypnotherapist (winner of 5 hypnosis awards), Reiki Master, Dowser, & Author of several books on hypnosis, Reiki, dowsing and self help. Don’t suffer needlessly! Learn and apply techniques for relief and even complete resolution on your own long-standing issues. These classes are designed to empower you for a lifetime! Most classes include handouts. For more information and to register for any of these classes call  Roxanne at 434-263-4337.

Dowsing-Not Just for Water!
Monday, March 3  6:30-8:00 pm | Free  Postponed until March 31st   Sign up now!
Learn about the ancient practice of dowsing that has been used not just to locate  water, but also gold, mineral ores, lost objects, missing persons, and more. Dowsing can also be applied to profound emotional healing and to brainstorm strategies for anything including business and health. Locate the root cause of mental, emotional or physical problems. Roxanne Louise is author of Therapeutic Dowsing and Telepathic Healing.

Hypnosis; What is it really?
Monday, April 7  6:30-8:30 pm | Free
Is it magic, mind control, the work of the devil? Can a person be hypnotized to do anything, even against their will? Can a person be hypnotized to stop overeating and presto– instant willpower? Hypnotherapist, Roxanne Louise, will clear away the common misperceptions about and clarify what it really is at this fun, information packed 2 hour lecture/demonstration! Experience it safely for yourself!

REIKI: Healing at your fingertips!
Monday, March 24  6:30-8:00 pm   FREE
Reiki is easy to learn, simple to do, yet a profoundly healing tool to use for yourself, friends and family, animals, plants, indeed all life forms. It is a form of energy healing brought from Japan over 70 years ago, and is usually done as a laying on of hands. However Reiki healing energy can also be sent over a distance to help others, and to address the root cause of problems. It heals on all levels–physical, mental, emotional and spiritual! Here is something you can do to comfort and assist your loved ones instead of feeling helpless. Come and experience it.


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Contact: Roxanne Louise
Phone: 434-263-4337
Location: Nelson Center
Address: 8445 Thomas Nelson Hwy Lovingston
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