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Woods Mill Distillery

Physical Address
1605 River Road
Faber, VA 22938
Jim Taggart


Woods Mill Distillery, a craft distillery in the heart of Nelson County, is a fully licensed, Bonded facility (ATF/TTB Distilled Spirits Plant) providing Virginia whiskies and brandies. As the County’s first Bonded Production distillery, Woods Mill Distillery is currently in production of an array of our own small batch Whiskies and Brandies. These currently include Apple Brandy, Peach Brandy Grape Brandy, Rye Whisky, Gin and our own Bourbon.

We typically utilize an initial distillation (stripping run) in our Wash still. We follow that in series, with a final distillation (spirit run ) in our spirit still. This line of equipment is our startup line and we are moving to expand our production capabilities. We routinely store and use harvested corn from crops planted on our properties for our whisky products and utilize locally grown fruits for our Brandies.

While we are small, we are nimble and can move from product to product very easily.  You never know what you may find at Woods Mill Distillery!




Hours Fri-Sat 11-5  and Sun 12-5 seasonally.


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