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Blue Ridge Bucha

Physical Address
Afton, VA 22920
Kate and Ethan Zuckerman

Blue Ridge Bucha is a local kombucha that is handcrafted from pure Nelson County mountain water and infused with Organic and Fair Trade ingredients. Kombucha is a naturally carbonated, fermented tea that originated in Eurasia approximately 2,000 years ago. Often enjoyed after a meal, it is considered healthful to the digestive system for its probiotic content, amino acids, and active enzymes.

As a company, Blue Ridge Bucha believes in good health, sustainable business practices, and our ability to positively impact the world through the choices we make every day. We think you’ll appreciate our efforts to bring you the best-tasting and most earth-friendly kombucha around.

Blue Ridge Bucha is committed to being a leader in what it means to be a “sustainable” business. We keg our kombucha and offer it on tap at retail locations in high-quality refillable bottles that are custom-sealed to hold carbonation.

Customers purchase a bottle, which they then own and can refill at any fountain location. This is similar to using your own bags to carry groceries or your own containers to fill up on bulk items.

Yes, we could sell our kombucha in more locations if we bottled it–but the additional waste isn’t worth it to us. Regular glass bottles are either thrown away or recycled–and recycling glass, while preferable to throwing it away, requires energy consumption. Because our bottles are 100% reusable, you can feel good about the choice you’re making every time you fill up at a Blue Ridge Bucha fountain!

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