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Addendum #2 Issued for RFP#2018-NC-NML

Request for Proposal Number RFP #2018-NC-NML Professional Architectural, Engineering and Planning Services Nelson County – Nelson Memorial Library Design and Construction Services – Issued: July 22, 2018

Addendum 2– Issued August 14, 2018

The purpose of Addendum 2 is to address an inquiry pertaining to Section 5 (Proposal) b.10 that is delineated on page 5 of the above referenced RFP.

Section 5.b.10 states: “Offeror must submit a signed copy of the Library Design and Construction Services Terms and Conditions”, which is a reference to “Attachment A – Proposed Agreement” that is incorporated in the RFP solicitation.

Pursuant to the issuance of (this) Addendum 2, the requirement to sign the Attachment A – Proposed Agreement (as required by Section 5.b.10 of the RFP), as a condition of submittal of a proposal in response to the RFP, is hereby waived. Execution of Attachment A – Proposed Agreement will only be incumbent upon the firm selected by Nelson County to provide the services solicited by RFP #2018-NC-NML.

Certified and attested to by: Stephen A. Carter, County Administrator

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