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April 9th to April 14th Declared Work Zone Safety Week

Work Zone Safety Week- Board of Supervisors Resolution

Work Zone Safety Week Webpage (VDOT)


WHEREAS, the Federal Highway Administration and Virginia Department of Transportation has dedicated April 9th – 14th as Work Zone Safety Week; and

WHEREAS, highway work zone crashes are on the rise statewide in Virginia, from 2016 to 2017, there was a 9.8% increase in work zone crashes (2666 crashes compared to 2428 crashes in 2016), a 12.7% increase in work zone injuries (1329 injuries compared to 1181 injuries in 2016), and a 20.0% increase in work zone fatalities (12 fatalities compared to 10 in 2016); and

WHEREAS, reduced speed limits, lane closures, detours, trucks entering the highway, and pavement changes are just a few reasons why driving in work zones requires special attention, and while the men and women working in the road are in a dangerous business, statistically drivers are even more at risk; and

WHEREAS, four out of five work zone fatalities are drivers, one work zone fatality occurs every 15 hours, ne work zone injury occurs every 14 minutes, approximately 700 people are killed and more than 35,000 people are injured in work zone crashes each year;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the Nelson County Board of Supervisors does hereby designate April 9th to April 14th as “Work Zone Safety Week” and encourages all drivers to follow these basic principles:

Know Before You Go: Locate work zone locations using the 511 website or phone app.
Avoid Distractions: Dedicate your full attention to driving and avoid using a phone or changing the radio station.
Follow Directions: Follow directions from work zone flaggers and pay attention to warnings posted on work zone signs.
Keep An Eye Out: Watch for construction workers and their equipment and stay alert to the vehicles around you

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