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Virginia Veteran and Family Support Program (Formerly Wounded Warriors)


All services are CONFIDENTIAL and FREE to ALL National Guard, Reservists, Veterans, and the families of all three, regardless of discharge status.

Rochelle Clark-Alexander, BBA
Veteran Resource Specialist (Central Region)
Virginia Veteran and Family Support Program
540-684-7822, Cell


  1. Helping veterans navigate the VA healthcare system.
  2. Helping veterans file VA disability claims
  3. Accessing other VA resources as eligible
  4. Connecting veterans to other vet organizations in their communities (veteran services organizations, nonprofits, social orgs, etc)
  5. Facilitating counseling for veterans who either cannot or will not receive the service through the VA.  This includes any issue that might be remotely service connected, as well was any elements of it that may be adversely affecting their families.  Individual counseling, family counseling, marriage counseling, etc.
  6. Helping veterans connect with healthcare when they cannot receive it through the VA.
  7. Helping veterans through peer support (all our staff are either veterans, or spouses of veterans – or both).
  8. Facilitating peer-led veteran support groups and combat veteran support groups (closed, safe environments where veterans can discuss virtually anything they want to talk about)
  9. Facilitating family support groups for similar reasons.
  10.  Designated family support staff for veterans loved ones (whereas a veteran peer specialist would generally work directly with the veteran him/herself.
  11.  Connecting veterans with employment opportunities
  12.  The same with housing help and homelessness prevention.