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October 2017 is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Board of Supervisors proclaims October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month:




 WHEREAS, the problems of domestic violence are not confined to any group or groups of people but cross all economic, racial and societal barriers, and are supported by societal indifference; and

WHEREAS, the crime of domestic violence violates an individual’s privacy, dignity, security, and humanity, due to systematic use of physical, emotional, sexual, psychological and economic control and/or abuse, with the impact of this crime being wide-ranging; and

WHEREAS, no one person, organization, agency or community can eliminate domestic violence on their own—we must work together to educate our entire population about what can be done to prevent such violence, support victims/survivors and their families, and increase support for agencies providing services to those community members; and

WHEREAS, the Shelter for Help in Emergency and the Nelson County Domestic Violence Task Force have led the way in the County of Nelson in addressing domestic violence by providing  services to victims/survivors and their families, offering support and information, and empowering survivors to chart their own course for healing; and

WHEREAS, the Shelter for Help in Emergency commemorates its 38h year of providing unparalleled services to women, children and men who have been victimized by domestic violence, and

WHEREAS, the Nelson County Domestic Violence Task Force currently provides victim advocates and a support group for those seeking relief from domestic violence in Nelson County;

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, in recognition of the important work being done by the Shelter for Help in Emergency and the Nelson County Domestic Violence Task Force, the Nelson County Board of Supervisors do hereby proclaim the month of October 2017 as DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AWARENESS MONTH, and urge all citizens to actively participate in the scheduled activities and programs sponsored by these organizations, and to work toward the elimination of personal and institutional violence against women, children and men.