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Hazardous Waste & Electronics Collection October 14, 2017

Residents and Property Owners in Nelson County may participate in the Region 2000 Household Hazardous Waste & Electronics Collection on October 14, 2017 at the Region 2000 Services Authority Landfill.

Residents can e-mail Rick Schall at rschall@nelsoncounty.org or call him at 263-7098 and provide their address. A voucher number will be assigned and authorized by Mr. Schall and sent back via e-mail or the voucher may be picked up.

Acceptable Items: Acids, adhesives, aerosols, antifreeze, batteries, brake fluids, corrosives,
drain openers, flammables, fluorescent light bulbs, fungicides, furniture and paint stripper,
herbicides, household cleaners, kerosene, lighter fluids, motor oil, oil-base paint, oven cleaners,
pesticides, petroleum products, photo chemicals, poisons, polishes, pool chemicals, solvents,
stains, thinners, weed killers, wood preservatives.

Items must be in non-returnable containers. but 55 gallon drum containers are not accepted.

Items that will NOT be accepted: Agent orange, ammunition, dioxin, explosives, garbage, gas
cylinders, Kepone, latex ( water base ) paint, liquefied asbestos, medical waste, oil tanks,
pathological waste, PCBs, PROWL, prozine, radioactives, recyclables, Silvex, Stomp, TCDD
and 55 gallon drums of Anything !

Note on latex (water base) paint: If you have left-over or extra latex paint, store it out of heat
or freezing temperatures, and try to use it or give it to someone who can use it. If you must
dispose of it, remove the lid and expose the paint to the swt until it is dry. Add kitty litter to
speed the drying process if necessary. Then place the dried can into your regular garbage.

Directions to the Region 2000 Lynchburg Landfill: From Lovingston, take U.S. 29 south. At
Amherst, stay on the new 29 by-pass. Cross the James River and take the first exit onto U.S.
460. Tum west (right) towards Roanoke. At the first light, tum right onto Concord Turnpike.